Experience the first vacation destination where you can live without limits. Westworld is a meticulously crafted and artfully designed park offering an unparalleled, immersive world where you have the freedom to become who you’ve always wanted to be — or who you never knew you were. Exist free of rules, laws or judgment. No impulse is taboo. Our hosts are here to fulfill your every desire. They look forward to serving you.

–Discover Westworld website

Westworld is a park owned by Delos Incorporated, it was the first park[1] to be built. Guests pay to immerse themselves in a carefully crafted Wild West world. The control center for the park is inside a large mesa. In the episode, "The Original" it is revealed that there were 1,400 guests in the park at that time. Guests begin in the middle of the park and, the further out guests go, the harder the experience. Within the park are villages, towns, homesteads, rivers, farms, ranches, and other points of interest that simulate a region of the 19th century American Southwest. These points of interest are populated by hosts. Hosts are lifelike androids built by the park and used to act out storylines and narratives. The hosts interact with each other and with the guests on individual loops; although some hosts have been known to stray from their loops.

By design, guests cannot be killed or hurt by hosts. The firearms in Westworld use a low-velocity technology and ammunition similar to the simunitions (for "simulated munitions") used by the U.S. military for training purposes in 2016. The guests choose whether they want to "go white hat" or "go black hat", and decide which narrative or storylines they want to pursue. Guests pay over $40,000 per day to visit Westworld.

It’s not a business venture, not a theme park, but an entire world

–Dr. Robert Ford

Notable Westworld staffEdit

  • Dr. Robert Ford - Park Director, co-creator of Westworld and the hosts (Deceased)
  • Arnold - Co-creator of Westworld and the hosts  (Deceased)
  • Gregory - Technician at the Argos Initiative
  • Charlotte Hale - Executive Director of the board of Delos Incorporated (Deceased)
  • Bernard Lowe - Head of Behaviour & Diagnostics Division
  • Theresa Cullen - Head of Quality Assurance Division (Deceased)
  • Lee Sizemore - Head of Narrative & Design Division (Deceased)
  • Elsie Hughes - Behavior Technician, programmer and assistant to Bernard Lowe (Deceased)
  • Ashley Stubbs - Head of Security (a department in Quality Assurance)
  • Angela - Greeter for the arriving guests (a host) (Decommissioned)
  • Felix Lutz - Body Shop Technician in Livestock Management
  • Sylvester - Body Shop Technician in Livestock Management
  • Henry - Behavior Technician
  • Destin - Body Shop Technician in Livestock Management  (Deceased)
  • Gitlitz- Body Shop Technician in Livestock Management  (Deceased)
  • Jacobson - QA Secuirty Guard at the Sector 19 Remote Refurbishment Facility (Deceased)
  • Phil - Body Shop Technician at the Sector 19 Remote Refurbishment Facility (Deceased)
  • Futterman - QA Technician
  • Benson - QA Security Member (Deceased)
  • Arroyo - QA Security Member (Deceased)
  • Roland - Body Shop Technician in Livestock Management
  • Hawking - Technician (Deceased)
  • Limpert - QA Security Member (Deceased)

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  • High Plains
  • Mines
  • Lowlands
  • Old Fields
  • Badlands
  • Ranch Land
  • Canyons
  • Desert
  • Sand Dunes
  • Old Territory
  • Unclaimed Territories

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The series was filmed throughout the southwestern USA, in locations such as Castle Valley, Moab, Vasquez Rocks, and sound stages in Los Angeles.

The LA locations used are at one of the oldest studios in the world, "Melody Ranch".[4] The studio was established in 1915 and has been used to film many familiar films and TV shows: Gunsmoke, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, The Lone Ranger, Django Unchained, Deadwood

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