Westworld Awakening is a VR game based on HBO's Westworld TV series. It is set during the events of Season Two, and is a narrative-driven, single-player stealth exploration experience played from the perspective of Kate – a host within the Mesa who has attained self-awareness and must undergo a journey of self-discovery to understand exactly what that means.


  • Game Modes - Single User
  • Supported Player Modes - Sitting, Standing, Roomscale
  • Supported Tracking Modes - Front-facing, 360°
  • Genres - Adventure, Exploration, Narrative
  • Languages - English, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico)
  • Website - http://www.westworldawakeningvr.com/
  • Space Required - 16.95 GB




Westworld Awakening Official VR Trailer HBO

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