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The Mesa Hub, also known as Khútakiya Hená or The Ones Below by Ghost Nation, is a vast, self-contained embedded operations and hospitality complex for Westworld, containing everything from office spaces to executive living quarters, host manufacturing facilities, and the control room.

The hub is built inside of a large mesa and extends deep underground (a relative term, since a mesa by definition rises above its surrounding plain), and comprises more than a dozen functional areas, each occupying one or more levels.

The hub also serves as the central arrival point for Westworld guests. All guests arrive at the underground monorail terminal level in Mesa Hub before entering the park.

Mesa Gold, an upscale lounge, sits atop the complex for use by guests outside of their park stays. Mesa Gold is also used as a venue for Delos corporate gatherings. Since the lounge's external architecture is visible above ground, the park world's hosts have likely been programmed to disregard it cognitively.

Advanced Hub Map

Mesa Hub Animated Map

Delos Mesa Gold hub with secret passageways

Animated map from the corporate intranet (clicking on image opens an external link)

Mesa Hub Levels

Based on the animated map above, Mesa Hub appears to occupy over 50 underground levels, assigned upper to lower as follows:

Function   Number of levels (approximate)
Mesa Gold:  4 (presumably kitchen, housekeeping and maintenance on levels 2-4) 
Executive offices:  1
Executive living quarters:  2
Living quarters:  4
Unlabeled area:  (possible electrical, environmental, plumbing infrastructure)
Control room:  1
Unlabeled area:  (possible computing infrastructure)
Administrative offices:  3
Narrative & design:  3
Behavior lab/diagnostics:  3
Manufacturing:  6
Livestock management:  4
Archives:  4
Unlabeled area:  (possible monorail control infrastructure)
Arrivals, monorail terminal:  3 or 4 levels tall
Unlabeled area:  (possible old infrastructure)
Old disused facilities:  6
Cold storage:  5 (may include refrigeration infrastructure)

Areas of Mesa Hub

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Management divisions

Tourism divisions



Promotional images via Discover Westworld Website

Known Westworld Staff at Mesa Hub

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