Westworld is the name of the Western-themed "world" (resort) within the theme park Delos, and is the namesake of the 1973 film, Westworld.

Westworld is the resort that the film's protagonists, Peter Martin and John Blane, visit and where they meet the antagonist, The Gunslinger. While the other resorts, Medieval World and Roman World, are shown in Westworld, as the name implies, Western World is the focal point of the first movie.

During the course of the film, more than 50 guests are killed, and 95 park technicians are killed or injured.

In the the sequel to Westworld, Futureworld, the Westworld resort is put forth as the only site that experienced problems and guest murders. This allows the company to cover up the fact that the massacre also took place in Medieval and Roman World, allowing Delos to reopen with those two resorts still in operation. Westworld is left closed and deserted during the events of Futureworld. It is briefly seen while reporter Chuck Browning investigates for possible underhandedness and discovers the maze of pipes connecting the Parks. The resorts Spa World and Futureworld are added to Delos.

"Western World" Errors[edit | edit source]

In several scenes, characters mistakenly refer to the resort as "Western World". During the hovercraft approach to the park, the in flight orientation film calls Westworld, "Western World". The film describes Westworld thusly:

"Western World is a complete re-creation of the American frontier of 1880. Here it is possible to relive the excitement and stresses of pioneer life to the fullest. Western World is a life of lawless violence, a society of guns and action."

Later, Delos' unnamed scientists describe the park's breakdowns as starting in Roman World and eventually spreading to "Western World".

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