The Westworld QA Security Force serves as the main defence force inside Westworld, acting under the authority of Quality Assurance. Their duties include guarding the facilities of Westworld and overseeing the park's operations from the Control Room. If a host goes stray, usually a member of the QA joins a technician to retrieve it.  During the host-uprising the QA Security Force suffered heavy casualities, who were unprepared for such an incursion. Maeve MillayHector Escaton and Armistice all managed to kill several members.


In the beginning the QA Securtiy Force was unprepared for the revolt of the hosts, and many members were killed or captured by either rogue hosts. Within a week though, under the leadership of Charlotte Hale, they were able to recclaim the Mesa Hub. They later allied themselves with the first wave of the Extraction Team, and fought againts Wyatt's gang. Most were killed, though Charlotte Hale, Ashley Stubbs and at least a handful of QA Agents managed to survive. Another week later Karl Strand and the second wave of the Extraction Team arrived, several QA Agents were still seen alive.


  • At least dozens of other members


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