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<gallery type=slider>
Horse crop.jpg|Westworld|link=Westworld_(Location)|linktext=Welcome to the Westworld the park!
Hostslider.jpg|Who is your favorite Host?|link=|linktext=Rank them now!
Maeve time to talk.jpg|Maeve, it's time to talk|link=Maeve Millay|linktext=Maeve is set for "revolutionary" developments in "The Adversary."
Maeve time to talk.jpg|Maeve, it's time to talk|link=Maeve Millay|linktext=Maeve is set for "revolutionary" developments in "The Adversary."

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Season 2, Episode 9

Vanishing Point

Title: "Vanishing Point"
Tell me the truth
Season: 2, Episode: 9
Air Date: 17 Jun 2018
Written by:Roberto Patino
Directed by: Stephen Williams

Season 2, Episode 10

The Passenger

Title: "The Passenger"
Everyone converges at the Valley Beyond.
Season: 2, Episode: 10
Air Date: 24 Jun 2018
Written by:Lisa Joy & Jonathan Nolan
Directed by: Frederick E.O. Toye

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Featured Character

The Original 1 Clementine

Clementine Pennyfeather is a regular character in the sci-fi western TV series Westworld. She is a host of Westworld, used primarily as one of the prostitutes in the Mariposa Saloon and whorehouse of Sweetwater. Her narrative is pretty simple, and not much happens in Clementine's world. She is played by Angela Sarafyan.

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Featured Article
Creating hosts

In the HBO series Westworld, "Host" means that the character is an artificially created being, a robot or android. The manufacturing process appears to use an advanced version of today's 3D printing technology. Hosts are lifelike machines made of flesh and blood, built by the parks creators to act out story lines by interacting with each other and with guests.

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The original Westworld was a science fiction western-thriller made in 1973. It was written and directed by Michael Crichton, author of Jurassic Park. The movie was about malfunctioning robots at a Western-themed amusement park that begin to kill visitors. It was one of the most successful films from 1973 having earned $4 million dollars.

Crichton got the inspiration for the movie while on a trip to Disneyland. The movie was so influential that Arnold Schwarzenegger based his Terminator character on the Gunslinger protagonist from the original film. Despite all this, the sequel Futureworld was unsuccessful and the CBS TV series which followed that, called Beyond Westworld, was short lived.


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