Whitman was an executive for an pharmaceutical company, who was targeted by Serac.


After finding out about Rehoboam and it's purpose, Whitman was trageted by the Rico app, which led to Caleb and Francis to capture him. He managed to get Caleb to listen to him, knowing it would alert both Rehoboam and the Rico app, which would lead to Francis double cross Caleb and kill him. Whitman offered Caleb more money to cross Francis, which Caleb refused, as he couldn't believe it.

Caleb and Francis later moved Whitman towards a van, but noticing that Francis' distant behavior, Caleb finds out that Whitman spoke the truth. Caleb asks Francis how much he is offered to double cross him, Francis answers "enough", and tries to kill Caleb, but Caleb manages to shoot his friend first.

As Francis is lying on the ground and dying, Whitman congratlates Caleb and promising him a good reward, before being shot by Caleb as well, who is distraught.

Whitman is later rewritten by Dr. Greene as the leader of a Russian terrorist cell, in order to match Caleb's new memories as a war veteran.


Killed by

After being kidnapped by Caleb and Francis, he told Caleb about RICO's offer for Francis to kill him. After Caleb killed Francis, he killed Whitman as well.

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