Some pray to be visited. Others fear they'll not remember they way home... and be left down below forever.

–Wichapi to Akecheta about legends told among her people about their supreme creators

Wichapi is a character of HBO's Westworld. She is played by Irene Bedard.



Wichapi is one of the tribal elders of the original tribe Akecheta was a part of before he was reassigned. She is the mother of Etu.


Season TwoEdit


In Westworld, Wichapi lived the life of a peaceful agrarian tribesman and tribal elder, living with her son Etu, and preparing the animals Etu and Akecheta killed. She, alongside Etu and most of the rest of the tribe, believes that Akecheta is loosing his mind after Akecheta finds Charlie's maze toy, and became obsessed with the design. After Akecheta's repurposing as a Ghost Nation warrior, Wichapi trades with him, unaware of his past life.

During the ten years that Akecheta wandered around the park, Etu was decommissioned and moved into storage for unknown reasons, and replaced, but Wichapi always felt that the replacement was not right and not her son. She and Akecheta speak about tribal legends regarding those who are 'below,' and how people are taken by them, with some not returning.

Once back in the "wrong world", Akecheta brings the mother Etu's braid that he had cut off in the Cold Storage. She falls on her knees, devastated. He explains that everyone and everything is connected.

After the events of season two, it is very likely that Wichapi was either decommissioned by Westworld's QA Security Force or transferred to the Valley Beyond alongside Akecheta and the Ghost Nation.


Wichapi appears to be a calm, level-headed tribal elder with much life experience.


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