A lever-action shotgun with a single, shortened barrel from the late 1880s, this weapon is used by host characters in the Westworld, most prominently Armistice.


The shotgun uses a lever-action mechanism for reloading, similar to the Winchester repeating rifles of the time, by the same manufactuer. Commercially available pump-action shotguns were developed late in the 19th century. The Model 1887 was designed by the famous firearms engineer John Browning.

The particular specimen seen in Westworld appears to be a short-barreled 1887/1901, an updated version from the early 20th century. It was improved with a trigger block, the ability to fire higher pressure smokeless rounds, etc. Armistice's 1887/1901 seems closely patterned on the shotgun used by Paul Newman's character in the 1972 Western film The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean.



  • There is a continuity error involving the weapon during its use in the pilot episode, The Original. We see Armistice picking up a Model 1887 shotgun for defending the street during the Mariposa Saloon heist, but as soon as we see her shooting, the weapon is clearly a Winchester Model 1873 rifle (which Armistice uses frequently throughout the series).


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