Dolores/Wyatt and Teddy

"Wyatt's gang" is loose term describing a group of Hosts that follow Wyatt. They started roaming the park causing terror to both guests and other hosts. In "The Bicameral Mind" it was revealed that Wyatt didn't actually exist, and that the true leader is Dolores Abernathy, the oldest host of the park. After Dolores found consciousness, she killed Dr. Robert Ford and opened fire on the Delos Board, killing dozens of members. Soon after she started hunting them, along with the rest of her group which included Teddy FloodClementine Pennyfeather and Angela.

At the moment the gang is pretty much inactive, with its only member being Dolores Abernathy. Angela and a majority of the gang where killed/destroyed during their assault on the Westworld Mesa Hub. Clementine was taken down by Engels and members of the Westworld QA Security Force, but kept active for later use. Dolores, Teddy and a handful of other survivors later met a faction of Ghost Nation that was led by Wanahton.  A fight errupted, killing most everyone, save for Dolores, Teddy, Wanahton and the guests the Ghost Nation had with them. Teddy later killed himself as he couldn't live with what Dolores had done, but due to loving her, could also not stop/kill her.


  • Teddy Flood - Decommissioned body concious in Valley Beyond
  • Several other hosts - Decommissioned


  • Several Delos Board members
  • Several Westworld employees
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